Tackling the speed of the WMS

When the new WMS4 was initially released in November 2009, one of our key targets was the overall speed of the application. We realised very early on that were not happy how the WMS was performing and we were working hard to improve it ever since. Shaving few milliseconds here and there and seeing small improvements with every release (there were 15 releases in 2010 already !).

We knew WMS was performing very well in certain areas. If we take WMS3 as a benchmark, WMS4 is more than 3 times faster during Publish All and Publish Instructions! In page creation, site root load and page publish times WMS4 was a marginal winner. However, we realised it was slightly behind in page save and page edit loads.

Yesterday’s release is a start of a major attack we launched on the speed of the editing interface. It should make a significant impact on the page and properties saves and multiple edits. However, this is not the end of our efforts – we still have loads of things in the pipeline.

In the next few weeks, you can look forward to further speed improvements, integrated invoicing in the WMS, brand new upload interface that will handle much larger files even at slow upload speeds, automated tree publish instructions and many more. Again, if you have your ideas of what would make your life with WMS better, share them with us !

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