Web page load speed matters

Google announces that site speed affects your search engine ranking – the faster your site the better you rank. It is clear that this is just one of the many factors that affect your search engine position. Their view is that a site’s load time has a direct impact on a user’s browsing experience and is therefore now included as a factor in search result position.

What you can do?
1. Webmaster tools by Google – great link as Google themselves will give a report on how you are doing. Click on Labs > Site Performance
2. YSlow – great tool from Yahoo that gives you information on how you can improve your sites performance
3. Page speed – useful Firefox plugin that give you tips on improving your sites performance
4. Webpagetest – site giving site performance info and optimization checklist

In addition to this the team at Ezone are ready to help you with advise on the changes that may help you improve your site.

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