Website in a Week!

Have a tight deadline to meet and worried your website won’t be ready in time? Don’t want the stress and worry of what will happen if it’s delayed?

Imagine a solution that would guarantee your site is built and online in time for your deadline and that keeps you updated throughout the process to give you complete peace of mind.

If you have a design for your new site we’ll turn it into a fully functioning WordPress website, complete with content management system, in just 6 working days guaranteed.*

Designs reviewed, hosting setup, WordPress installed, coming soon page online, daily update given

Site structure created from sitemap, template build begins, daily update given

Template build continues, bug fixing begins, daily update given

Templates completed, bug fixing continues, training given, content work begins, daily update given

Content build continues, bug fixing completed, preparation for launch, daily update given

Content finished, final review of website, dns changes made, site launched, daily update given


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! So long as you have everything ready for the site then we will build it for you in one week.
After approving the project we will agree a day that we will start work and we will have your website online six working days later. That means if we start on a Monday your site will be ready the following Monday.
To take advantage of our website in a week service you need to have the following: Designs for the website, preferably in a layered format such as psd High quality images to use on the website If you want to launch at the end of the week you will need to have your written content ready. Alternatively you can work on content after the site is ready and before it is launched. But this will mean that it won’t launch within a week. A point of contact that we can liaise with on a daily basis during the project
If your website is not ready at the end of the week if the delay has been caused by us then we will refund your fee for the build. Obviously if delays are caused by events outwith our control then our money back guarantee doesn’t apply.
Simply complete the form below and we will get back to you to request details of the project. Before we start the build we will evaluate whether your project is eligible to be built in a week. To do this we review your designs and ensure that all other assets that will be needed are in place.

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