Introducing a Brand New Way to Upload Files

The WMS release on Thursday incudes several significant changes to the system. The most obvious to the user is a brand new file upload system in the libraries. The main focus was to provide simple and reliable way to upload files regardless the size.

You will find a new button “Click here to upload new files” underneath the file list. This will open up a new popup, where you will be able to select the files to upload.

The progress bar
You will notice a progress bar that will keep you updated on the progress of your upload, current speed and estimated time remining. This is particularly useful when dealing with larger or multiple files.

Say goodbye to the time-outs
The new file upload is designed to eliminate the time-outs. That means even if you don’t have a fast internet connection, it will not cut you off.

Increasing the limits
Thanks to the upgrade, you will now be able to upload much larger files and so we have increased the limits for your files. The limit is based on your WMS subscription type and is currently set to:

WMS standard: 10MB per file
WMS professional: 15MB per file
WMS with library suite: 35 MB per file

Find out more about the Library Suite

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