Introducing a Brand New Way to Upload Files

The WMS release on Thursday incudes several significant changes to the system. The most obvious to the user is a brand new file upload system in the libraries. The main focus was to provide simple and reliable way to upload files regardless the size.

You will find a new button “Click here to upload new files” underneath the file list. This will open up a new popup, where you will be able to select the files to upload.

The progress bar
You will notice a progress bar that will keep you updated on the progress of your upload, current speed and estimated time remining. This is particularly useful when dealing with larger or multiple files.

Say goodbye to the time-outs
The new file upload is designed to eliminate the time-outs. That means even if you don’t have a fast internet connection, it will not cut you off.

Increasing the limits
Thanks to the upgrade, you will now be able to upload much larger files and so we have increased the limits for your files. The limit is based on your WMS subscription type and is currently set to:

WMS standard: 10MB per file
WMS professional: 15MB per file
WMS with library suite: 35 MB per file

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Free Trial of Our Brand New Library Suite

We are pleased to announce that we are offering our WMS clients the opportunity to test out the new WMS4 Library Management Suite as part of a free 30 day trial.

The new suite boasts a range of time and money saving functionality tools including:
  • Automatic Image resizing functionality – an additional component to compliment the existing Image Manager
  • A new Image Editor tool – for editing images directly from your WMS library
  • Advanced WMS library functionality – multiple uploading, downloading options, copy pasting, image previews in the list, library publishing and the power to auto-extract zip files.
The process couldn’t be any simpler – register your interest in using the WMS Library Management Suite with Alison, have the suite enabled on your chosen website then after 30 days let us know if you would like to keep the service running.

As part of our initial launch we are offering the suite at just £39 extra per month in addition to your current WMS subscription package.

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Automatic Image Resizing in WMS

In the new WMS, each image element can contain width and height details. This information not only serves the user to show what the expected size is, but WMS is smart enough to do all the image re-sizing work for you!

When selecting the image, WMS checks the size of the image you selected. It can then tell you the image size is incorrect and offers you a chance to re-size it automatically.

Resizing creates a brand new image and based on the element settings can keep the ratio of your image.

Editing images in the WMS

We believe image management is one of the key aspects of the content management system. However, what if the image isn’t just right – it is too large, edges might need cropped or the whole image needs flipped? In most cases, image editors can help you out. However, this requires the image to be downloaded, edited and then uploaded to the content management system.

WMS offers a different approach – keep your images in your library and edit them in the content management system.

The WMS Image Editor is a brand new feature of the WMS and lets you edit any image in the WMS. The options include

  • Interactive cropping
  • Rotate the image (90,180,270)
  • Image re-sizing
  • Flipping
  • Opacity changes

The changes that you make can be previewed and a brand new image can be created.

Introducing the new WMS Libraries

The brand new WMS4 library means a small revolution in your file management. We threw everything away and started from the scratch. The libraries now offer a wide range of functionality that will save you time and make your life easier when dealing with files.

Start with the basics
The library may look similar, but is packed with powerful stuff

  • Full nested folder tree
  • Multiple file upload
  • Download the files
  • Cut, Copy and Paste

Don’t worry about zip files

WMS libraries now have full zip support. You can download a selection of your files as a zip file or you may want to upload your own zip file and let it auto-extract in the WMS – of course with the entire folder structure.

See your images

Images make up most of the library files. Single images can now be previewed or users may choose to list the entire folder and see the images in the grid.

Publish files directly
Sometimes, files such as documents need to sit on the server. WMS4 lets you to publish files directly from the libraries. Simply just select the files that you want to publish!

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