Introducing the new WMS Libraries

The brand new WMS4 library means a small revolution in your file management. We threw everything away and started from the scratch. The libraries now offer a wide range of functionality that will save you time and make your life easier when dealing with files.

Start with the basics
The library may look similar, but is packed with powerful stuff

  • Full nested folder tree
  • Multiple file upload
  • Download the files
  • Cut, Copy and Paste

Don’t worry about zip files

WMS libraries now have full zip support. You can download a selection of your files as a zip file or you may want to upload your own zip file and let it auto-extract in the WMS – of course with the entire folder structure.

See your images

Images make up most of the library files. Single images can now be previewed or users may choose to list the entire folder and see the images in the grid.

Publish files directly
Sometimes, files such as documents need to sit on the server. WMS4 lets you to publish files directly from the libraries. Simply just select the files that you want to publish!

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