WMS Upgrade – Tomorrow (Thursday 5th January)

Hello and a Happy New Year!

The previously advertised WMS Upgrade will be launched tomorrow (Thursday 5th January 2012 – 6pm to 10pm) see the Feature List below for the upgrade features.

There are new Knowledge Base articles covering this library upgrade which can be found here: WMS Library Functionality

An online training session covering these library changes will take place at 11AM on Thursday 5th January. Please email [email protected] to book a place.

The upgrade will take place on the evening of the 5th January during which time (6pm to 10pm) the WMS will be unavailable. Your website will be unaffected by this and will remain online, however during these hours you will not be able to edit it through the WMS. If you have content that you need to add to your website during this time please contact [email protected] and we will look to add the content for you either before or after this WMS down period.

Feature List

– Brand New WMS Library Functionality

  • Improved features – such as the ability to “cut” or “copy” folders and images from one place in the library to another (to enable you to manage your library files and folders more easily)
  • All files can now be previewed in a browser window (you can preview PDF files as well)
  • A great new image editor – allowing you to edit images within the WMS library (rather than having to edit images externally and then upload them to the WMS library)
  • Clicking on the “select” button in an element that is linked to the library (such as an image element) now allows you to upload images at this point as well as selecting images in the element. So you don’t have to go to the library first, you can:
  • – Click on “select” in the element on you page in the WMS which links to the WMS library

    – Upload the file from your local computer to the WMS library at this stage

    – Select the image in the element – a much quicker process

  • Plus more. In general the new WMS library is much easier to use with a new User Interface

– Support of IE9 and IE10 has been significantly improved when using the WMS

– As well as a number of general fixes and improvements

Best Regards

Ezone Software

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