WMS Unlimited (content editing service)

Please gather round! We would like to announce the arrival of “WMS Unlimited” our new WMS content editing Service! Available at no additional cost to the current WMS subscription.

As well as using the WMS to add content yourself you may want to get us to do it for you. You can then spend your work hours doing something else. Essentially you can send us any amount of content and we will add it to your website via the WMS for no additional cost. This includes image resizing and you can use the service as many times as you want.

We operate a fair usage policy on this service which means that your content is scheduled into an available time slot so it may not be possible to add the content immediately and the more content you send us the longer it will take.

To use this service (or for more information) please email [email protected] (or open a support ticket through the WMS) and attach the content you want added. Please include all the content you want us to add (including images, PDF, hyperlinks etc) and guidance information on any specific way it should be added.

If you have already purchased Edit Credits these can be converted into bankable WMS development hours.

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