Easy 301 redirect management plus making Template Editors lives easier!

The WMS was updated last week, this was mainly a maintenance update; but there are also two new features that we are excited about:

Making it easier to manage 301 redirects
A “301 redirect” is a permanent redirect from one URL to another (there are several different types of redirect hence the need to specify that this is a 301). This is a part of some companies SEO optimisations of a web site. It is especially useful when a site is moved, upgraded or significantly change (moving or removing lots of pages).

On large sites, or those that change regularly it can be a headache to manage these redirects and there are also several different ways to implement these redirects, depending on the site’s hosting and technology. This is were the new WMS feature comes in! All you need to do is build a CSV list in excel and upload it; the WMS takes care of all the hard work and generates the correct code for that site!

It is worth noting here that, this should only be a part of your SEO work. So if you are not sure there are plenty of other SEO optimisations you should consider first; the most important of these is to keep you site content fresh and relevant!

Making the job of a WMS Template Editors even easier!
The second new feature is actually two! Firstly check out the new “Furniture FTP” feature under your sites “Templates” menu. And then take a look at the new “Compare” tool when you are editing a template.

As always, please contact WMS support if we can help you in any way!

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