.UK domain names available from today

So today marks the beginning of a new stage for UK domains and for Nominet, the body that controls the .UK registry.

.UK domain names or (CCTLD’s – Country Code Top Level Domain) are now open for general registration and can be registered as of 0800 earlier on today the 10th June 2014.

Existing .co.uk domain owners:

There are some guidelines and rules that were enforced upon Nominet for them to get permission to launch .UK as a new domain name extension.

Existing .co.uk domain owners have first refusal on their own business.uk address however they must have registered their .co.uk domain prior to the cut off date 23:59hrs on 28 October 2013.

Any business that has the right to the domain does not need to rush as Nominet must hold your equivalent .UK domain for five years until 10 June 2019 – so there is no rush.

There is a world desire for domains to be short in nature and therefore, so some will choose to switch to use a domain name that is three characters.

How to get your .UK domain name:

If you login to your domain name registrar e.g. 123-reg or domainmonster they have your name reserved for you.

There you go a little bit of domain name news for you, useful to some not for others.


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