Importance of HTTPS

Update on the Importance of HTTPS

For a long time now Google has been increasing the importance of HTTPS and having your website on a secure server. In January they started marking http pages that collected passwords or payment details as non-secure in the Chrome browser as shown below:

Not secure credit card

We wrote about SSL certificates and Google back in January, you can see that post here: Do I need an SSL Certificate? 

Following the release of Google Chrome version 62 later in October Google will be expanding on the warnings introduced in January so that any page with a form that is running on a http connection will be marked as insecure. It is important to realise that this does not simply apply to contact or payment forms, but to any sort of form. This means that, for example, if your page has a search field on it then it will trigger the warning if the site is not on an https connection.

What Should You Do?

Ezone recommends that if you are considering getting a website built you ensure that whoever is building it for you is going to set it up with an SSL certificate.

If your site is already online then don’t delay as Google are only going to increase the importance of HTTPS in their search results and browser so it will need to be done sooner or later.

There are a number of different providers of SSL certificates including RapidSSL and Symantec and many hosting providers also offer SSL Certificates on their platforms. Lets Encrypt is a popular free option that you can setup on your site if you are comfortable implementing such things on your site.

If you don’t want to have to spend the time working out how to set up an SSL Certificate yourself then check out our SSL Certificate setup service.


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