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Google are now ranking some webpages on secure https connections higher than those on regular http.

They are also marking sites that are not on https connections as ‘Not Secure’ in the Google Chrome browser.

This means that if you want your website to continue to rank highly and to be perceived as safe you need an SSL certificate. Not sure how to go about getting one? Let alone setting it up? We can help!

With our SSL Certificate service we’ll register your SSL certificate and do all the work in setting it up for you.

You can learn more about these changes in our blog post.

Ezone's SSL Certificate Service:

Registering your certificate

Configuring your certificate on your website

Making any necessary dns changes

Testing your site to ensure it is functioning correctly

Registering your https sitemap on Webmaster Tools

From only £250


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an SSL certificate?

If you want to understand more about SSL certificates and about Google’s changes to how they are handling websites in relation to them check out our blog post here.

How much does it cost?

Our service starts from £250 and is a one off fee. When you complete the form below we will look at your website to understand what will be involved and then provide an exact quote.

Can you do this for us on any website?

Yes! So long as it is built on the WordPress platform we can set you up with an SSL certificate.

If you’re not sure if your website uses WordPress complete the form below and we will tell you.

This sounds important! How long will it take you to do?

It depends on your website set up, but we will aim to have your SSL certificate set up within 5 working days.

What type of SSL certificate do I need?

There are a number of different SSL certificates available that cover a range of different things at different prices. We will look at your website and suggest the certificate that we deem most appropriate.


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