Help us make WMS better

We see a constant improvement and free upgrades for all as a crucial part of our WMS product. Furthermore, we believe we should be working on what our customers think is important to them. The WMS release last week launched a new feature that will completely change the way we handle our feedback and suggestions.

Share your ideas, vote on them and we will respond !
The WMS dashboard page now contains a “Leave Feedback” box. When you click on it you can see a list of all the suggestions, made by our clients. If you have a new suggestion, just click on “Make A Suggestion” link and post few lines of what you think should change or improve.

You can also vote on what has been suggested by other users. Click thumbs up on issues you think are important and would help you and thumbs down on items that you think are not relevant to you.

We will consider every suggestion you make, respond to it and give you an estimate of when it can be implemented !

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