Activity Logs – Brand new free feature of the WMS

Activity Logs is a brand new exciting feature of the WMS that was just released ! The WMS keeps track of all the users and their activity when editing the site. The new feature will help you view the activity in a meaningful way, get extra information and filter and export the data. 

First things first, the Activity Logs feature is available to all the professional clients of the WMS free of charge and can be found under the Manage menu option. (Manage -> Activity Logs).

The Activity Logs lets you filter by a specific user and/or a site in your account, lets you choose specific dates and what’s more, lets you pick specific types of activities from the tree-select. So in a scenario where you would like to see all pages published in the last month, you select start and end dates, tick pages-publish in the tree and confirm by clicking on Filter Activity button. You can tick multiple activities or tick none to see all of them.

All the filtered data can of course be exported to a variety of formats (pdf, csv, word, excel). Getting a montly activity statement for your site editing could not have been easier.

If you have any feedback, let us know via our new “Leave Feedback” button.

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