Everything that you wanted to know about WMS and more

While doing some maintenance work on the WMS database recently, I could not resist to check out few interesting details about the usage of the application. Since I’m the sort of person who sits around the table and loves to dish out random fun facts, I decided to share few of them with you.

Joking aside, the data we retrieve from the WMS is important – we use it to spot usage patterns and find out how the system is used. Ultimately, the goal is to improve the end user experience.

So here it goes:
Wednesday is the busiest day, closely followed by Monday.
Busiest time is between 11-12am GMT. However, almost 25% of the system activity happens outside the UK office hours.

There were 15 free upgrades in the last 4 months, yes that is almost one every week !

Hope you enjoyed them, we might be back with some more.

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