Change WordPress Default Admin to Keep Your Site Safe

One of the simplest ways to help increase the security of your site is not to use “Admin” as your administrator username. It’s the default username in WordPress and everybody, including would-be hackers, know this.

So, if your login page looks like this:

default admin

You need to change it right away!

But, we cannot just change usernames in WordPress. Remember, once a username is registered, it’s set permanently.

Here’s the easiest and most non-technical way to go about doing this:

Step 1 – Create a new user using a different email address and assign administrator role

Find ‘Users’ in the left-hand column of the dashboard, and click on ‘Add New’

Step 2 – Save new user info

Fill in the required fields. Choose a unique username that’s not very easy to recall. Our main purpose is to make it as difficult as possible for hackers to gain unauthorized access.

Remember, too, to choose a very strong password. Ideally one with a minimum of 12 to 14 characters in length and a combination of numbers, symbols, capital letters, and lower-case letters.

And, don’t forget to assign ‘Administrator’ Role to this new user account using the drop-down menu.

Step 3 – Log out with the old user and sign -in using new user account

Step 4 – Delete the old default admin user

Step 5 – Attribute all content of the old admin account to the new Administrator account.

When you delete the default admin user, WordPress will ask what you want to do with all content under the old default admin account.

Tick on ‘Attribute all content to.’ Choose the new user admin account from the drop-down menu. Then, click on ‘Confirm Deletion’

Finally, check the user list. You should no longer see the old admin. You now have a unique username for your admin account.

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