WMS Introduces Integration with Social Media – Twitter and Facebook

The WMS – our content management software now offers integration into social networks !! You can now post updates or share your published pages with your audience twitter or facebook. And best of all, it is all free for you as part of our continuous upgrades to the system.

Sharing a WMS page on Twitter or Facebook could not be more simple. You just click on a new “Share” option in the main menu, fill in a message and send it all off. The WMS will look after the communication and posting and will remember your settings. That means you never have to leave the WMS to tweet about a new page that you have just published.

Why is it a big deal
Since 2009 when the internet experienced an apparent boom in Social Networks thanks to Twitter and Facebook (http://mashable.com/2009/04/17/web-in-numbers-social-media/), social networks have played an important part in every day life. Studies suggest that people use social networks more than email and over 60% time on mobile devices is actually spend on social media. In other words, there is a lot of buzz on the internet nowadays 🙂

Here at Ezone we use Twitter to see what our clients and partners are up to and share articles and news that may be relevant to them. If you want to hear from us, follow us on @ezonesoftware !

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