Why You Need WordPress Support

Here at Ezone Interactive we have been building and supporting websites for over fifteen years, and our customers have found our support service invaluable. So in this article I thought I would cover some of the reasons why you need WordPress support for your website:

Websites Don’t Run Themselves

A common misconception is that after a website has been built it is finished and can be forgotten about. In actual fact nothing could be further from the truth, your website going online is just the start of an ongoing process. 

To maintain a good ranking in search results you need to be regularly updating content on your site, you need to keep WordPress updated and secure to avoid any security breaches, you need to fix any bugs that develop over time, ensure your site works correctly on new devices… The list goes on and all these things can take up a huge amount of your time.

Content is King

Useful and regularly updated content is key to keeping visitors coming back to your website and in building authority in your sector. Content can take many forms, from running a blog, updating your services as they change or publishing details of your new offers. Not only does this require that you create the written content, but in most cases you will also need imagery which will need to be resized to the correct dimensions and optimised. 

WordPress Needs To Be Kept Updated

Your WordPress website will be built using a theme and plugins and they will all need to be kept updated to ensure that they work with each other properly and with browser updates etc. It is also essential from a security standpoint to keep your website up to date and many updates patch flaws that hackers can exploit.

It is also important to keep your WordPress version up to date as it is continually being improved to give better functionality and security.

What if Something Does Go Wrong?

If something does go wrong on your website what do you do? You need to make sure you have backups that you can revert to should something go irreversibly wrong on your website. 

You also need to have a system in place to alert you if your website does go down, and this is where an uptime monitor can be really important. 

Who Has The Time?

Do you have the time and technical knowledge to do all of the above as well as running your business? If so then you probably don’t need a support service, but it may be worth considering what you could achieve if even some of those tasks were taken off of your desk.

Flexible Plans:

Ezone offer a number of support packages designed to cover all of your WordPress support needs including all of the areas covered in this article from backups to updates and content work to uptime monitoring we can take care of it for you.

Are you an Agency?

Providing support can feel like a hassle when you are trying to focus on larger development projects. Whatever size of agency, if you work with WordPress, then Ezone can help. We offer bespoke white label support solutions to take support tasks off your desk. Interested? Get in touch. 

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