Preparing for our 10th Birthday!

We will shortly be celebrating our 10th birthday!  During the next month or so we’ll be looking back and sharing some of our ups and downs from the last 10 years and our plans for the next 10. (Though we may not share all the details of the celebrations we have planned.)

Old is the new young
Ten years make us a veritable ancient in Web terms.  The online landscape has drastically changed since we started (we are way older than young upstarts like Facebook and Twitter).

Some Fun Stats
Did you know that someone publishes a WMS page on average every 10 mins!  In fact an edit happens on average every 7 minutes. That doesn’t include our new WordPress sites either!

Looking back to fuel the future
It is so exciting for us to look back and see how so many of our dreams and aspirations from 10 years ago actually became real. We are looking forward to the next 10 years and are already preparing for the “terrible teens”….

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