New WMS Support Ticket System

As part of the upcoming WMS User Interface upgrade we are also launching a new WMS Support ticket system.

This will have the following improvements:

Email based Support Tickets – The whole support ticket discussion will be visible within each ticket email notification from WMS Support. You can reply to the support ticket by replying to these notification emails. Therefore a support ticket discussion takes place just like a normal email discussion.

WMS Support through Social Media – With our new support ticket system you can open tickets using Facebook or Twitter. We can respond to tickets on these platforms so the whole support discussion can take place in Facebook or Twitter through to ticket closure.

Improved Email Notifications Acceptance – The occurrence of our support ticket email notifications going into your junk mail will be minimised.

And at our end: 
 – Improved ticket management features – we can deal with your tickets more efficiently which will improve our WMS Support service

We will continue to provide the Knowledge Base of articles on using the WMS. This will be called “Solutions” on our new support ticket system.

Watch this space for more news as we near the release date…

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