New Template Features

Tonight’s WMS update included a couple of cool little new features to the WMSElement definitions used in our template system:

1. The ability to set a default component value that is preselected for all new pages. This should prevent needless editing when new pages are created.

2. The ability to set a menu element definition to start from a specific “level” in the tree. This is useful for site designs where the navigation menus are separated into different places on the page.

See the updated template reference PDF (under Help in the WMS) for details. Of course this is only useful for Template Editors!

We have also included a small update to the Project Timeline page, all the project update message are now visible on one page (no need to click on each separate milestone).

This was the last WMS update for which Mira was lead developer; sadly (for us) he has now moved on to his next exciting challenge. Mira was an outstanding member of the team for many years and we wish him all the best (and, as he’s still in Edinburgh we expect to see him in the pub from time to time 🙂

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