Our move to WordPress

In 2002 Ezone Interactive was founded and we set out on our mission.

Mission: To make CMS (Content Management Software) software an affordable service for businesses with smaller budgets. At the time there were other CMS providers that were selling software however this was always at huge expense to the business. This made it only accessible to the large corporate businesses with very large budgets.

Although our mission was by no means a small task we set about building our own software as a service that we would sell to our customers.

Fast forward to 2014 and it’s still going strong something that we are very proud of. In the early days it was a challenge to sell SaaS “Software as a Service” to our clients – but today it is difficult to find a service that is not SaaS in nature.

We recently decided to evaluate our service and made some significant decisions. That we would retire our own software from service. So our hunt for a new CMS system had started, the “hunt” didn’t last long as there was a clear obvious contender in the name of WordPress. We reviewed the platform in relative to giving our customers the most flexibility in the future.

One of our deciding factors was the platforms development cycle WordPress came out on top as a platform which has a large international community that is constantly feeding into and contributing the improving WordPress for all to benefit from. We simply could not continue with the constant redevelopment of our software.


About two years after we started our CMS business a fledgling blogging company was born that being WordPress. During its first few years it focused on developing a “blogging” platform something which they did extremely well so well in fact that as at today WordPress powers around 22.5% of all websites. As WordPress evolved from being just a blogging platform it to a fully fledged CMS system we realized that it would be foolish to ignore it any longer.

Although individually and as a team we have always been in touch with and aware of what can be achieved by using WordPress we are are committed to using WordPress as our CMS of choice going forward.

What about the WMS?

I hear you asking what does this mean for existing sites that are on the WMS. Well we will continue to support clients on the WMS for a period of time however as sites come up for renewal will build them in WordPress going forward.

The WMS itself has served ourselves and our customers well however we have recognized that in the interests of providing the best platform and service to our customers it needed replaced with a well developped platform that will give our customers the best options in the future.

We simply decided we could no longer ignore this amazing platform as the way that we should go.

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