Is My Website GDPR Compliant?

As of May 25th GDPR has arrived and that means that we all need to be complying with these new data protection laws. There are a number of considerations around the way in which you collect, use and store people’s information and these are guaranteed to mean you need to change the way you work.


Practical Considerations:

The following are a few of the things that you will need to consider with regards to how you manage data:


Email Lists

Have you obtained explicit permission from everyone on your company newsletter to store their information and send marketing emails to them? From May 25th 2018 you either must have this or in accordance with GDPR you will no longer be able to send marketing emails to them.


Privacy Policy

Companies must now display a privacy policy that states how they process personal data. It should be:

  • Written in readable, clear format
  • To the point and transparent
  • Free / Easily accessible



Does your site use cookies which can identify individuals? If so, you must now obtain explicit permission from users to utilise these cookies.

‘By using this site, you accept cookies’ is no longer going to cut it either. Users must now have an easy way to opt out.For more reading visit this link

Still have some questions. Visit this GDPR checklist for more information.


Is Your Website Compliant?

Ezone Interactive are offering website audit services to help you identify what changes you might need to make to ensure that your website is in line with new regulations. We can review your website and provide a report detailing suggested changes if required. Interested? Contact us for more information, 



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