Having problems with your website emails?

If you are having issues with emails sent from your website contact or enquiry forms please read on…

Email that is sent directly from your website works differently from email sent from Outlook, gmail or other provider. Most  websites send email directly from the server where the web site is hosted.  This is common practice and works fine in most cases, and is separate from normal email.

However, there are a few potential downsides:
  1. Email from the hosting web server is more likely to get wrongly identified as spam by the recipient system. Correcting this is  pretty complex.
  2. When email is sent from the website server there is no easy way to track sent emails or analyse issues with bounces (for example incorrect/old email addresses or their system being down).

Ezone have launched a new service that solves these issues in a very straight forward and easy to implement manner. We can us a third party system that sends the emails (instead of the web site server). This third party tool does all the work to try and reduce spam issues and also provides us with a way to track and investigate issues.

If you are interested please get in touch ([email protected]).


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