Forms, Survey’s & Polls using 3rd Party Tools?

The WMS has a very powerful item template and publishing system which makes it possible to integrate a great many 3rd party services into your web site.

If you are looking for sophisticated forms, polls or surveys for your website there are a number of options:

Ezone’s Data Collector Module The Data Collector is a module which allows for the easy collection, storage and manipulation of data entered via an on-line form.

Ezone’s Polling Module Polling Module allows any question with multiple choice answers to be placed on a page with your site.

SurveyGizmo Integration SurveyGizmo is the online survey tool that can be used for simple surveys, complex surveys, evaluations, polls, or HR studies. It has an excellent, simple user interface to design and build your own custom forms and surveys. These can then be easily integrated into your WMS managed website using a number of different methods (ranging from a simple link to embedded directly into your site).

Other Integration? Do you have another tool or application that you wish to use on your site? The WMS can almost certainly do it!

Just open a new support ticket to find out more.

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