Ezone Interactive provide an ongoing maintenance and support service to ensure you get the best our of your website.

Why do you need ongoing support for your website?

Your Website is a Fundamental Part of Your Business

Your website is a fundamental part of your business strategy, it provides information, marketing, lead generation and revenue. Your customers can access it at any time of day and from any location with either a desktop or a mobile device. It is critical therefore, that your website is always online and functioning correctly and that you have peace of mind that you don’t need to worry about it.

Websites are a crucial part of any business today and it’s not enough to simply build a website and then ignore it for the next four years.

If you owned a brick and mortar shop you would hire someone to clean it and fix any problems that develop. A website is no different, if you leave it unattended it will develop faults and begin to look neglected.

Security is Important

More and more websites are hacked every day, from small business websites to large corporation sites, they’re all vulnerable. Should your website be hacked it can result in unwanted content appearing on your site, your website becoming unavailable, or your site’s visitors being targeted through your website.

With our website support service we’ll ensure that all the software on your site is kept up to date and as secure as possible. In the unlikely event that your site is compromised we can quickly restore it from the previous night’s backup.

What We Do

Our website support package includes the following services: 

  • Peace of mind that your website software is being kept up to date
  • Security monitoring to ensure your site is not hacked
  • Nightly backups of your site so that it can be restored quickly should anything go wrong
  • Video tutorials so that you never have to work out how to do something by yourself
  • Email Support to help you with any aspect of your website
  • Content updates
  • Small structural changes and development

Why Use Ezone Interactive?

Ezone Interactive have worked with the WordPress platform for a number of years now and are active within the WordPress community. We regularly travel to events and are involved in the organisation and sponsorship of local WordPress functions.

Through this involvement we have become extremely knowledgeable about the platform and have access to a significant number of resources and contacts which makes us confident that we are offering the best service that we can with WordPress. We are also up to date with any security risks or other developments in the platform.

In addition to this we have been offering website support services for over ten years now giving us a unique understanding of what really matters to our clients and a wealth of experience to draw upon.

We Want to Hear from You

If you are as serious about getting the most from your website as we are and would like a service that offers peace of mind, convenience and can help you achieve your long term online objectives then we want to hear from you.

Simply fill in the online form below and we will be in contact: